Bushfire Season

Hyden Primary School has been placed on the Department of Education bushfire zone register as it is located in a designated bushfire risk area.

If a fire behaviour index of 75 (extreme fire danger) or greater is forecast for the Shire of Kondinin a school may be required to invoke a pre-emptive (planned) closure. A ‘catastrophic’ fire danger rating poses a significant threat to the school if a fire starts. It is likely to be uncontrollable, unpredictable and fast-moving.

Parents and carers will receive a text message or phone call to inform them of a possible pre-emptive closure of the school.

The final decision to pre-emptively close the school will be confirmed with the principal no later than 4:30 pm on the day before the pre-emptive closure. If the forecast changes after the 4:30 pm deadline, the school remains closed.

Parents and carers will receive a text message or phone call to either confirm or cancel a pre-emptive closure of the school.

Typically, schools will be required to close for a day at a time however, this will depend on changing weather conditions. Parents and carers will receive a text message to advise if the school will reopen the day after the pre-emptive closure, or whether it will remain closed.

Parents and carers are encouraged to monitor official bushfire information sources for current information about fire danger ratings:

  1. Emergency WA website
  2. Department of Fire and Emergency Services
    – Information line, 13 33 37
    – Twitter, https://twitter.com/dfes_wa
  1. Local radio
    – ABC Emergency WA
    – ABC local radio
    – 6PR

Please contact the school on 9684 0800 with any concerns about pre-emptive closures during the bushfire season.