Teaching & Learning

At the heart of our school strategic direction is our belief in developing the whole child and the importance of strong relationships between students, staff, parents and the wider community.  Collectively we provide our children with the gifts of support and security as we open every possible avenue for a great education and prepare them for the challenges that await them in our ever changing world.

Our school is adaptable in a changing world and we are readily adopting and embracing new, innovative and exciting technologies in order to meet the evolving needs of our students and the Western Australian Curriculum.

  • Teachers: Jo Tapper
  • Education Assistant/s: Diane Mortimer and Sandie Couper
  • Semester 1 – Tuesday and Thursday Semester 2 – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Pre-Primary/Year 1
  • Teacher: Jo Tapper (Mon) Lauren Hewett (Tues – Fri)
  • Education Assistant/s: Diane Mortimer and Sandie Couper
Year 2/3/4
  • Teacher: Lauren Hinck (Mon – Thurs) Chrissie Nicholl (Thurs- Fri)
  • Education Assistant/s: Dee Aggiss
Year 5/6
  • Teachers: Neve Paterson
  • Education Assistant/s: Dee Aggiss
Literacy Support and Physical Education
  • Tara Richter
Science, Indonesian and The Arts
  • Lorina Mulcahy