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The P&C Association is the forum for parents and citizens of Hyden Primary who have an interest in their children’s education. The P&C is a not-for-profit body and has the right to exist under an Act of Parliament.  (School Education Act 1999). Associations work hard to raise funds which will enhance student’s education.


P&C Key Roles are:

*To encourage parents to participate in developing the school’s Educational Policy.

*To develop parent participation and involvement in Hyden Primary School.

*To be the forum for Parents to discuss issues belonging to Hyden Primary School and its community and for gathering opinions.

*To provide extra resources for the benefit of Hyden Primary School.

*To promote and support communication and cooperation within the Hyden School Community and to bring educational matters to the attention of the wider community.



Members bring to the P&C a variety of skills that provide additional expertise and input to fundraising ventures and activities throughout the school.


Who can be a Member of the Hyden P&C?

* Parents and Guardians of children attending Hyden Primary School in Years K-6.

* Citizens of the Hyden School Community over the age of 18.

A $1 annual membership subscription is payable to the Hyden P&C at the AGM to have voting rights, ALL Parents are encouraged and welcome to attend Hyden P&C Meetings.


P&C Committee 2020

President Vicki Klenner

Vice President Clare Hyde

Secretary Andrea Higgins  Email hydenpandc@outlook.com

Treasurer Vicky Jones



One meeting is held each term and occasionally extra meetings may be called if necessary.



Once meeting minutes are accepted, they are available to view on the website. Additionally, copies are available our secretary.


Additional Information is available at http://www.wacsso.wa.edu.au/