Hyden primary school | Our School
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Welcome to Hyden Primary School


Hyden Primary School, established in 1934, is at the heart of our proud town.


Our school has a very stable cohort of students, the majority of whom belong to farming families, or to families working in allied agricultural services. Staff are extremely supportive of our school and communuty and know each studen in many capacities. By working together our community fosters a collective sense of responsibility to open every possible avenue for a great education and to ensure that each student has every opporuntiy to achieve personal excellence in all facets if life.


Our Purpose


Our students achieve personal excellence in all facets of life through an engaging, exciting and challenging environment.


Our staff are supported and expected to continually develop professionally and strive for outstanding outcomes.


Our Society will benefit positively from our innovative, compassionate and independent children.


Our Vision


To foster an inclusive, safe and secure learning environment where our students are empowered to become lifelong, cooperative and inquisitive learners.




At Hyden, We ROCK!





We treat individuals with care.  Relationships are based on trust and mutual respect and the acceptance of responsibility.  We value and respect the importance of the working partnership we endeavour to strengthen with parents and the wider Hyden community as we provide a quality education for all of our children.




We have a positive approach to learning and encourage it in others.




Our stakeholders are encouraged to take risks in a secure environment as they grow and develop as individuals.




We have high expectations of our staff and students.  We set standards of excellence and strive to achieve them.


Our Beliefs


We believe:


  • Positive teacher-student relationships, high expectations and excellent classroom practice are essential for student success
  • Every child has the right to a safe and inclusive learning environment regardless of socio-economic status, cultural diversity, physical, intellectual or emotional development
  • Our focus is on developing the whole child – socially, emotionally, academically, creatively and physically
  • All children, given the appropriate assistance and encouragement can fulfil their potential in all areas of the curriculum
  • Learning programs need to acknowledge and build on where students are at with their learning, to be culturally and developmentally appropriate and have real-life application
  • A culture of active and open communication between staff, students, parents and the broader community supports student engagement and achievement.