Hyden primary school | Pastoral Care
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We promote success, health and happiness.


At Hyden Primary School we have high expectations for every child to accomplish their very best however; we understand that in order for your children to succeed we must nurture them in a safe and secure environment.  As a staff we work collaboratively with parents and the Hyden community to ensure every child is provided with a well-rounded and high quality education.


Our school promotes Respect, Optimism, Courage and Knowledge as our underpinning and core values.  These values are embedded in your child’s education as they discover the world around them.  We strive to create a culture in which your child feels as though they belong and are valued.  We aim to know your child personally – their likes, dislikes passions and quirks.  In achieving this we aim to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to provide the gifts of support and security and open every possible avenue for an outstanding education experience.


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